The care of lost and broken young people is a critical service to society. It’s a mission that can seem overwhelming at times. But every day we see the light return to worried eyes and a smile of hope on a troubled face. Or we receive a letter like the ones below. And we know we make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of at-risk and victimized youth - one young person at a time.


We call them our clients, or our patients. But while they’re with us, they’re our family. We talk with them and we listen to them. We look for signs that our efforts are helping, and signals that we need to do more.

We ask them to write down the ways our programs are helping them. Here are some quotes from our kids, from Youth Opportunity campuses across the country. Their success is our reward. To us, there is none greater.


“They make me feel like I have a family.”17 yrs. old


“I have food, shelter and a safe place to stay.”17 yrs. old


“I feel like life is worth living”16 yrs. old


“I have learned to control my anger and resolve conflict with others.”17 yrs. old


“The staff cares about me and my life.”16 yrs. old


“It keeps me safe.”12 yrs. old


“The teachers help me with my school work.” 17 yrs. old


“They showed me how to pick up and keep going when I fall.”16 yrs. old


“They have changed my life by keeping me off the streets.” – 15 yrs. old


“I have become a better person.”17 yrs. old


“They helped me to see that I have potential"17 yrs. old


“I have learned a lot of new coping skills and they are always there when I need someone to talk to.”15 yrs. old


“A quality education and positive therapy.” ”17 yrs. old


“I have learned many important life skills.” ”15 yrs. old


“I no longer use drugs and I am trying to live a better life.”17 yrs old


“For once, I feel safe and people care about me.”12 yrs old


“I have stopped self-harming and I feel like I can be something in life.”15 yrs old


“They gave me a good home by accepting me from a bad place.”14 yrs old


“I have learned to manage money and be responsible.”15 yrs old


“They have taught me to be respectful to everyone.”15 yrs old



The jobs are difficult, but the rewards are inspiring. We are exceedingly proud of our employees and associates. They are beyond dedicated. They are invested, heart and soul, in caring for these vulnerable young people. The gravity of their mission cannot be overstated: they save lives. Their thoughts articulate our philosophies; their efforts drive our success.


“We may be the only positive people these children come into contact with. Working here gives me the opportunity to give back to my community.”  – Mr. A.


“The moment we see the child and not the charge is the moment we have aligned ourselves with the vision. Only then is making a difference possible.”  – Ms. B.


“If you open a school door, you close a prison door.”  – Ms. B.


“We provide hope to the youth of Nashville. You never know how much of an impact you can have on someone’s life.”  – Ms. L.


“I have been working in the field for 40 years and I believe that if I can reach one child, then I have succeeded.”  – Nurse A.


“This company is a true heartfelt one; they put their effort into making a change for the youth who come into the facility.”  – Ms. P.


“YOI is a great company, not just for the youth but also for the community. I'm excited for the change the organization provides!”  – Ms. R.


“My greatest masterpiece is helping to mold children to believe in themselves.”  – C.G.


“Happiness is working with children.”  – D.B.


“I am passionate about working with our youth because they are our future. I may not have an impact on all, but if I am able to make a difference in one life, then I have impacted the future.”  – Ms. R.


“YOI encourages staff development providing the opportunity to increase individual skills, which translates to better service to the youth entrusted to our care."  – Ms. S.


“I like how cozy the environment is. It allows for deep processing and it is easy for staff to learn the residents, and the residents to establish healthy relationships with such mentors. The best part of working here is working with the residents. With every interaction, you learn something new that heightens one’s experience, both professionally and therapeutically."  – Ms. A.


“This program allows teenage boys to develop multiple tools to deal with the situations that have derailed their lives thus far while also preparing them for future events. As a member of the floor staff, I’m able to directly affect what they learn and take away. I enjoy being a person that these guys can come to for help and teach them the right way to be so that when they leave they don’t end up in places like this again.”  – Mr. H.


“I have the privilege of helping our residents reach their greatest potential while in our Directive Therapy program. I have learned so much during my tenure here. It is recommended that one should choose a career in which they will be excited each and every day, and I am proud to say, I made the right choice. I love it here!”  – Mr. G.


“I have been employed here for two years. It has been a pleasure and opportunity being able to work with the residents and see them grow and become better individuals. The staff is very professional and genuinely cares about the residents. Everyone works extremely hard to serve in the best interest of the residents. I feel very strongly that we are making a significant impact in the lives of those we serve.”  – Ms. M.



“Our daughter is currently a resident of the center and is about to be released in 2 weeks. When we had her assessed at The Menninger Clinic we asked that they recommend where to put her after her assessment and they gave us TCSI. We asked where we should place her AFTER The Center. Having never been through this kind of stress and heartache, we had no clue and were at their mercy.”

“When they said she might “look” completely different after only 3 months I thought they were 100% insane. There was just no way. She was so broken. I’m happy and SO grateful I was wrong. The difference in our daughter has us in awe. We know she is not “fixed” by any means but we now have HOPE.”

“The Center for Success and Independence has truly been a LIFE SAVER, not only for our daughter but for our family’s sanity as well.”

“We are so SO grateful to have been led to such a remarkable resource.”

“I am XXXX’s mom, XXX.  She is scheduled to be released this Wednesday and we are THRILLED to have her home!!!!!  We are amazed at the transformation she has made in just 3 months and I cannot accurately express the depth of our gratitude for the level of professionalism and care your entire staff has shown.  We are beyond grateful and consider ourselves extremely blessed that our path led to TCSI!!!!!!”
“I am currently working on a website with the ultimate goal of creating a scholarship fund to assist families access quality mental health services. I would love to sit down and talk with you to give you a better understanding of my project and get your feedback.”
“Thank you again, I look forward to our meeting!!!!”

“I was there when the young people were going to lunch today. They all looked happy and healthy and their clothes were clean. They were smiling and joking with the staff, who seemed like teachers and mentors, not guards. It felt like a school, not a detention facility. When you realize that most of the kids are here for serious offenses, it’s even more remarkable. All kids can be successful if they have help and support. YOI is amazing!”


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